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New Primary 1 Classrooms!

Last week the p1's moved into their new classrooms. Here are some pictures!

New Primary 2 Classrooms

Primary 2 were very excited when they moved class!!

Here are some pictures of the modular classrooms all finished!!  

Double Yellow Lines

The yellow lines outside the school are due to be started soon. To make it easier for the children to cross the road.


The muga is now starting to take shape because they have now laid down the foundation.

They are now working on the walls and the fences of the muga.

The fence is now starting to move back a bit.

The workers are doing a good job and it shouldn't be long until they are done.

The muga is to be finished by the 1st of June this year.

The muga is going to include lots of different sports like tennis, basketball and football.

 When the muga is done the workers will start making a new obstacle course.