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This is currently the class the Primary 7 are in while their class is being done up.

They hope their class will be finished by the time they have left.


This is the current Primary 6 classroom.


This is where the Primary 5/6 are just now.

Double Yellow Lines

The double yellow lines are now finished and cover some parts of the school.

You will also now have to park in places a bit further away.

And as a reminder to parents, you are not allowed to park in the car park because that is for teachers only.

Materials Used

Roughly 400 sheets of plasterbard. 

Roughly 40 tubes of expanding foam.

Roughly 50 windows and doors.


The nursery will be getting a new garden and there will be new designs for the garden.

The new blinds should be put up at the same time as the new classrooms in order for the smartboards to work.