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Weekly Update

Everyone is very excited to move back to their new classrooms on the last week of term.  P7 are especially excited!

Keep Out

The MUGA is a place for fun but you can only use it during times when the teachers let you (P.E included). For whoever tries to get into the MUGA when they are not allowed, you will get in big trouble and the police will be called (don't break anything either). If you think that you wont be caught, you will because CCTV cameras will be getting put up.


New windows have been fitted in P3 which is Ms Gibson's class and in P4/5 which is Mrs Carter and Mrs Stevenson's class.

Also they have fitted some new fire doors.

They were fitted during the inservice days.


On the 27/6/16 P7, P6 and P5/6 are moving to their new classrooms.

The MUGA is also now finished and classes are now using it.

A lot of classes are excited for the summer holidays in two weeks time.