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We arrived!

When we got there we all went out for an exploration walk. Then we went inside for a drink. We went out to do Orienteering till lunch.

The Next Day

All the groups did fun activities such as trial biking and the zip line. After a long morning of activities, we went to have our packed lunch that we made after breakfast. Then we did more activities.

Feet Off the Floor and Evening Activities

Feet off the floor is when we went inside a room and the staff told us all about choices and Christianity. For our evening activities we did all sorts of fun activities. For example we were told not to take a jelly bean and when we could take one we did .We made a bad choice by doing this .

The Activities

What we did was really good we all loved all of the fun things we all got up to like zip lining, gorge walk and bush craft just to name a  few of them . They let us spread our minds and have fun. We all miss Alltnacriche.