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Class Dojo

 All classes will be using ClassDojo.

What is Class Dojo? 

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers monitor behaviour in their classrooms quickly and easily.  It can also be used to share images of the children at work, or pieces of work with parents - both individually or as part of a Class Story. ClassDojo makes it easy for parents to engage in their child's classroom performance and to contact the teacher at their convenience.

How does ClassDojo work?

ClassDojo is a fully confidential online behaviour system. Each pupil is assigned an avatar to represent them (which can be edited through their 'Student Account'). When pupils demonstrate positive behaviours, the teacher simply clicks on their avatar, chooses the appropriate behavior from the list, and awards the student with a positive point. The system can also be used to subtract a point from the pupil's total points for negative behaviour - however, at St. Gerardine we are using ClassDojo with a positive approach.

How can I become involved?

Parents receive a specific login code which allows them to access their child’s Dojo account anytime and view a report outlining exactly why their child is receiving points. These reports can be viewed on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis.  They can also view photographs or comments from the teacher, and can converse back if they wish.  If you would like guidance on how to sign up to ClassDojo, please speak to your child's class teacher.