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Ben's Tudor Feast Menu!

Well done Ben! Ben typed out an old Tudor menu then scrumpled the paper, soaked it in tea then cooked it in the oven to make it look old!


It looked great and lots of information on it - including 2 pounds of fat and 26 boiled eggs on the 5 course menu!! - yuck....

P4 'Homework Hero'

Neve's Mermaid Picture

Neve made a lovely mermaid picture using things she found at the beach. She used seaweed for the hair and she used shells and sand to make the outfit.

I especially like how you added the glitter to make her sparkle Neve well done!

P4 'Homework Hero'

Richard's 'Skull Quest'

Richard created a game called Skull Quest.

How to play:

You have to find all the ancient skulls that are hidden around the dragon swooping volcanic island. If you find all the skulls of your colour then you win. You go back to the start and once everyone has finished you have to re-hide the skulls. 

Looks like a lot of fun Richard, well done!

P4 'Homework Hero'

Kerry's Beach Scene

"I went a walk down to the West Beach and walked along the beach a little with my mum. We dug out some sand and put it in my bag then got some stones and seashells and put them in my bag too. After that I got little bits of seaweed. I made it all in my house with a little bit of my mum's help. That is how I made my beach scene."

Well done Kerry, it looks great!