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School Improvement Plan

The full school improvement plan for this session can be found in the School Information section of the Menu. Below is an outline of this year's plan for parents:

1.   Improve tracking and monitoring of children's progress

  • develop assessments
  • track progress
  • moderate standards to ensure consistency

2.   Improve the use of digital technology across the school

  • ensure adequate equipment
  • develop progression of learning

3.   Close the attainment gap and reduce inequity due to family circumstances

  • encourage parental involvement for all parents
  • provide nurture for children to support their health & wellbeing

4.   Develop consistency of feedback to parents in both pastoral matters and learning

  • develop new reporting formats to communicate ongoing learning, progress and next steps

5.   Continue to develop active approaches to learning and creativity

  • encourage play within learning for P1-3 children
  • develop progression of skills for life and work