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Pupil Council

The Pupil Council meet on the first Friday of each month as part of our Councils and Committees. We have 2 members from each class from Primary 1 to Primary 7. When we meet we discuss issues the children bring from their classes, new developments and fund raising ideas.

Pupil Council Members 2017-18

P7         Liam Denoon             Euan Balmer

P6         Connor McLeod         Mykie Keith  

P5         Abby Campbell          Josh Whitefoot           

P4/5      Megan Anderson        

P4         Skye Cameron           Erin Mackenzie          

P3g       Alfie Cooper               Oscar Combe       

P3s       Theo Froome              Kali Mitchell              

P2g       Daniel Mains               Evie Joss-Allan  

P2s       Dominic Gilbert           Thomas Seivwright

P1g       Blair Macken               Hattie Fiske

P1s       Angel Turner               Jay Campbell