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As you may know we have been chosen for a school refurbishment. There have been meetings going on and there will be one on September 21st . 4 classrooms were done over the holidays.  These are temporary decant classrooms. Now part of the playground has been fenced off and they are digging the foundations for the new modular classrooms for p2s and p2g. If the field is wet, the playground will be very squished for everyone! So we have been asked to bring a change of trousers, socks and shoes so that we can still go on the field when it is wet.

Block A, the two Primary One classrooms, has been emptied and is now being refurbished.

The digger is digging up the soil in the playground and laying down hardcore as part of the foundations for the two new classrooms.

Update September

A large section of the playground will be sectioned off with fencing whist the foundations for the modular classrooms are dug. This is to allow veichle access and work to the site.  It will be until at least the October holidays. There will be a path for nursery parents  to access nursary from the wooden gate in the car park round the existing morrison containers/site through to the nursery. The middle doors will be out of use until the modular accommodation is ready - possibly near christmas time. P1-3 should use the reception doors to go in and out of school. P2-3,P3 and P4 should use the reception doors for their fire exit. P4-7 should use the bottom doors to go in and out of school.Lining up will be tight at both areas.P4/5 to P7 should use the bottom doors for the fire exit. At break,lunch and the end of day, Morrison's will create an opening in their fencing to allow access from the bottom doors through to the playground.

Things that will be done to the school

The nursery will need a minimum of 40 pegs. P5/6 are likely to need to move all their things out of their cupboards where the new toilets are going.The P5/6 cupboard and classroom will need to be ready again for the start of the next term after the two week holiday. 

Article in the newspaper had implied the school was going to be painted red. Mrs Gibson assured the group that it was a small area at the front of the school which would be red, not the whole school. Most of the school would be light grey.

The next meeting will be on the 27th of October at 8:30am in P2g. In P5/6 a chunk of their classroom will be turned into toilets for boys and girls.