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Laying the Foundations for the New Classrooms and the New Classes Delivered

Update For AOCB

We have already chosen the shade of red for the exterior parts to the building which will be red.

The hall will be clad with the enternal rendering and the climbing wall reinstated.

The modular accomodation is due to be delivered this Saturday, 31st of October. It will then take approx. 12 weeks to fit out.

Fiona G. assured the group that Morrisons are on course to finish the project on time.

Quick Update!

A wall has been built in p5/6 over the holidays in preparation for the new toilets next door.

The refurbishment group got to go out and see the new classrooms.

The new classrooms are going to join onto the school with a hall way and a roof.

The first classroom has cuboards , plugs and a radiator. It is nice and warm.

Second Classroom

The second classroom has cupboards and a radiator and both P2 classes are going in the new classes.