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St Gerardine's Curriculum Rationale

At St Gerardine School we aim to provide a safe, happy and secure environment in which our children can learn and grow. Children are encouraged to develop positive personal qualities which will enable them to contribute effectively to the communities to which they belong (class, school, local, global etc.). We support our children to build up the knowledge, understanding and skills they need for learning, life and work. We aim to prepare them for a rapidly changing world which will require them to learn, adapt and develop to meet the changing needs of society throughout their lives both in their communities and in the workplace.


In order to achieve this, we will build relationships with our children so that they feel safe and secure and can flourish. We will support them to set personal goals and strive to achieve them, developing perseverance and resilience along the way: “I can’t do it yet”. We will encourage our children to be reflective and acquire self-knowledge, understanding their own interests, strengths and next steps. We will instil in our children the values of our school: to be kind, respectful, responsible and positive. We will help our children to develop the skills they need, including social skills, to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors both now and in the future.


We have identified the following as strengths of our school community which will assist us in attaining the goals we have set out above:

  • a friendly, welcoming and inclusive school
  • a safe and nurturing learning environment
  • staff who work well together and establish positive relationships with children, parents and partners of the school
  • a supported start to nursery and school life with strong transitions between classes and into secondary
  • professional, reflective and ambitious staff who are continuously and actively seeking to move the school forward for the benefit of our children
  • every child having a voice within the school
  • children’s achievements both in and outwith school being valued and celebrated
  • opportunities for a broad range of interesting and stimulating learning experiences
  • a clear focus on sustainable education development through a commitment to the eco schools agenda
  • strong and positive parental involvement in their children’s learning
  • good relationships and effective communication with our parent body
  • effective partnership working (ASG, agencies, local community etc.)
  • leadership at all levels within the school (pupils, staff and management) with a focus on clear goals